About us.

The creator of Grains de Verre

Grains de Verre fr.[ɡʁɛ̃ də vɛʁ] –is a handmade jewelry brand founded in December 2018 by Rita Molchanova… And this is how it all started.

In 2016 she makes her first couture piece for a friend. Festive opera cloak made from hundreds of beads, completely hand made, absolutely free-minded.
The remain of beads were still on a worktable when Rita decided to create a pair of earrings, just for fun, as she considered that time. Wearing them to the party turned into a game-changing decision — that night two girls were obsessed with those earrings so much got Rita to create two more pieces for them.
The more people asked the stronger desire to create something bigger became until in December 2018 she finally decided to launch her own brand called Grains De Verre.
Identifying ourselves as a New Haute Couture jewelry representatives Grains de Verre are committed to making voluminous and exceptional pieces that are all about empowering of uniqueness, what makes people ask «Where did you get it?» on a daily basis.
No matter how is your outfit looks, it can be about white shirt or another minimalistic preferences, our jewelry is self-sufficient enough to make any clothes you chose look really festive. Go for a drink or attend your own wedding, we want to be by your side on any of these events.
Playing on volume and relief, we instill lightness and movement into each of ours creations. Check our examples in the shop the look category. Each product is hand made, from basic items to the embroidery with natural beads.

We believe there is no more room for rules in the era of inclusiveness, but only you, the dreams of your heart and limitless combinations of jewelry.
We deliver all over the world, except for russia and belorussia 



All products are resistant to changes but will require special care. Jewelry should be protected from direct contact with chlorinated or salt water, aggressive cosmetics and perfumes. Any of the listed products can spoil the appearance of the decoration.

We also recommend storing jewelry in bags or boxes that are included in the package, separate from other products. You can find more detailed information on the care of an individual product in the product description. Silver products may darken over time. In the packaging, we add a special napkin that will help take care of the product.



According to the legislation of Ukraine, jewelry is included in the list of goods that are NOT subject to return and exchange: “Jewelry of proper quality, specified in the list of non-food goods, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 No. 172, is not subject to return and exchange.”

In some cases, it is possible to issue an exchange within 14 calendar days after the actual receipt of the parcel. This period does not include the duration of delivery. To do this, you need to write to us by mail and indicate the reason for exchanging the product.



We strive to make the most of our resources, to reduce waste, since we care about the sustainability. Brand supports non-washable production.
We create silver-plated non-irradiated items. We do not use nickel and other allergens in the materials.



Each product is made by hand and is controlled at all stages of production. We value and care about our customers, that’s why we guarantee the jewelry after purchase.
In case of damage to the product within 6 months of constant wear or lack, the client has the opportunity to send a request for jewelry repair. To do this, you need to write to us by mail and indicate the reason for the request.